Literature and Democracy in Postcolonial Nigerian Literature

An Overview of Niyi Osundare and Tanure Ojaide's Poetry.

  • Mujtaba Sani Abubakar
  • Audee, T. Giwa
Keywords: Post-colonialism, Democracy, Leadership, Poetry, Post-independence


Democracy is said to be a government meant to serve the people's needs. However, the independence given to Nigeria proves otherwise. Due to colonial contact and a vast number of tribal groups in the country, vying for the positions of power has become a sort of war. Therefore, leaders are seen to be either favouring their tribal groups or region or being nepotists. Using Homi K. Bhaba's concept of Mimicry, the study evaluates the treatment of leadership and democracy in Nigeria. It is found that, while postcolonial African poetry agitates for uprise against post-independence leadership, not only the leaders but the citizens contribute to the maltreatment by the leadership in Nigeria.